Saturday, February 18, 2012

Squares, squares, squares.

I have, for the moment, abandoned the second KAL square of February. I don't like the pattern much (oh, I like the finished item well enough, but the knitting of it is wretched). Well, here it is, judge for yourself:

It's cool enough -- I like the way the yarn carried along the right side is making tidy little chevrons -- but the pattern is written in complicated fashion, and it's just....oooh. Just had a thought. Why don't I go in and fix the darn pattern? Like, instead of saying "Line 12: As Row 3", go back and cut and paste row 3 into the pattern at line 12?

My Bob, I can be so dense sometimes. And why is it that I get these great ideas after a glass of wine? I could easily become a drunk if this continues.

Anyway, I'm also hosting two squares for this project. Which means I get to come up with the patterns and such. I'm very excited, to tell the truth. I just have to figure out how to write the patterns out so they're comprehensible to others.

In the meantime, here's the swatch I abandoned the navy square for:

Yes, it looks unassuming, but there's more to it than garter stitch. In fact, I'm at the 5' mark, meaning I'm halfway done with knitting the base square. As I'm halfway done with the base square, that means I'm a quarter of the way done with the finished item -- as the base square marks the halfway point on the finished blanket square.

Yes, my math is complex. Very complex. And I'm keeping track, you know.

I'm so pedantic!

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