Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'd have posted sooner...

but it's been so long since I've worked more than, say, 15 hours a week that I feel like I have no time to do anything.

Of course, that might also be because I spent all day yesterday out of the house (work for my pseudosister, work for the temp job -- which I'm really enjoying, by the way, -- then went to the movies with a friend). I hate that, you know. Not going home. Waking up, running out and staying out until bedtime. It makes me feel...crowded.

Anyway, here's what I wanted to work on yesterday, but didn't have the time for:

I finished the knitting part Monday at coven. I'm getting ready for the 'complicated' part now. I just have to pick my colors and go.

I think I'll get off the computer, throw my laundry in the dryer (it's in the washing machine now) and then sit to my knitting. I go to bed early again -- since my new wake-up time is 6 in the freakin' am (and what the hell sort of time-of-day do you call that?!?!) I go to bed early every night nowadays.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm really not.

But tomorrow is my easy day -- volunteer obligations are more fun than strenuous -- so I'm hoping it's actually a pretty good day. I'll be napping when I get home, anyway. No laundry, nowhere to go after I get home at 3:30, nothin' on the calendar.

Ahhh. It's like a cool, clean pool on a nasty hot summer's day!

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