Saturday, February 25, 2012

I got mail!

I found this in the mailbox today when I got home -- a lime green envelope with a smiley face on the back!

And this is what was in it!

The ladies in the Selfish Knitting group on Ravelry decided to make and sell a series of buttons celebrating the joys of selfish knitting (ie, knitting only for yourself and the truly knitworthy, and only knitting that which makes you happy to knit). The dedicated little artists that inspired the project designed a virtual armada of button choices. The profits are going to charity (I believe it's going to be Heifer International), so I figured I could find a bit of pocket change to get a few. Choosing the designs I wanted was the hard part -- even at my most flush, and even considering how low the prices were, I didn't have enough to buy one of each. Sigh, decisions! I hate making decisions.

I'm really loving the redhead in the middle there -- the button is much nicer in real life, the colors are sharper. Also Fiber Floozy (the large square one) is looking a bit washed out in the picture, too.  They're all really gorgeous on my desk, all shiny and colorful and swanky.

Me likey.

What's that? Why of course I have an old fashioned letter opener. It was my grandmother's. I keep it in the pen holder on my desk:
It's heavy, it's pretty and in a pinch I can use it as a bone folder. V. handy. Plus it looks intimidating. I almost wish I got more mail just so I could use it more often.

May you have a Saturday replete with pleasant surprises in your mail and selfish knitting in your favorite chair.

PS-- I have a real bone folder, although mine is made of yak horn instead of bone. What can I say, I was being extravagant while in my bookbinding phase. Plus yak horn doesn't flake or chip like bone does.

Although it also can't be sharpened down into a cutting implement like bone, either. So you win some, you lose some.

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