Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First fleeting signs of spring.

Saw this on my walk this morning. I'm not sure what that is -- Lily of the Valley? -- but it was a right pretty sight, compared to the blank gray of the skies this morning.

Alas, it won't last long, our weather is turning to winter (at last) this week, but while it lasts, it's beautiful.

I have tons of knitting I want to do, reading I want to do, stuff I want to do, but I've been procrastinating on getting this blog entry written. I'm not sure why -- it's just talking, really, and I do that for free -- but I've been hiding from this. Stupid, yes it is.

Part of it is the DVD of Sherlock season 2 I got given last night by a friend. I've watched the first episode of that season, and (aside from a preponderance of potentially naked Sherlock) I'm not sure how to take the thing. There were aspects of the episode that I feel were...played to a certain audience, not to the material. Which, I'm sure, makes no sense to anyone who either a) hasn't seen the episode in question yet or b) doesn't object to the blatant emotional manipulation going on. In either case, I've got episode two cued up for tonight, and I'm looking forward to it more (if only for Russell Tovey).

Maybe I should get off this computer, get my DVD player going and knit on my blanket squares. Or something.

Sigh. So much to do, so little energy to do it with!

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