Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Baby Plague

First it felled the boys. Then their mother, then mine. Now, I have the Baby Plague. I don't really feel sick, per se -- I've got a runny nose and the naturally accompanying headache, and a sore throat from the drainage, but I've felt worse before. The only real distraction is that I am exhausted. It's as if I'm wearing a lead vest. And have a lead ball and chain around both ankles. I even took a two hour nap today, and I'm still ready to go to bed early. Baby Plague!

I haven't even been able to knit. That should tell you right there how bad this crap is.

In other news, I haven't been doing anything. I've been slightly tired for the past week and a half (sickening for the BP?) but the past two days have been terrible in terms of tired. I haven't been able to read anything of content (although I'm not sick enough to be unable to read Pratchett -- that would be a very bad sign, were it the case) or even knit. Which is sad, as I've also been unable to walk around a lot or do anything physical, so I've had the sitting down time. Still and all, if you're making mistakes knitting in stockinette:

(the photo is just to remind you of my shawl), you shouldn't be knitting at all.

Maybe by Sunday I'll be in better fettle and able to knit during the Super Bowl. I won't be attending any parties, but I enjoy watching the game. I like football. And the commercials should be amusing.

I hope so, anyway. My shawl isn't knitting itself, the Nieceling's Summer Vacation scarf isn't going on and I'm thinking of starting up a blanket knit along with a Sherlock theme. I need to get cracking!

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