Saturday, January 21, 2012

I get myself into some of the worst situations.

Oh, nothing fatal, just...embarrassing. And why do I, on reflection, have such a hard time spelling "embarrass"? I always forget the second 'r'. Now, that's embarrassing.

In other news, no new knitting. I've been shockingly lazy. I did a couple more rows on my shawl -- which now takes quite a long time all on its own -- and got the final design on Nieceling's European Vacation Shawl. Simple chevron and I'm going to have to figure out how to place the beads where I want them. And figure out how I'm going to handle knitting in the eye-searing yarn.

I'll also have to buy the beads. I'm thinking...iridescent. Lovely. Gold or silver won't work, not with such an insanely colored yarn. Let me see if I can remind you of it's full, horrifying glory:

Ok, ok, I like it. A lot. It's just a hot jade with neon pink, yellow and orange strung through it.

Eh, wish me luck.

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