Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Loki wrap-up and S-'s post.

I'm not sure how to begin with this post. It's almost like titling things -- I'm sort of crap at it. I have two themes to this post, and while they sorta-kinda go together, they really don't. And since the post is photo heavy, I'm going to jump-cut it in the middle of the first section. You'll understand why.

Little Loki

My beloved Little Loki has gone from this:
to this:
She's got that fist clenched as if she's about to haul off and hit someone, doesn't she? She might, too. She inherited a bit of a temper from our side of the family, bless. Anyway, I had to get a shot of it on someone, so you can see how lovely Little Loki truly is -- not something you can appreciate in chunks.

Nieceling admired this during our photo shoot:
I think for a few seconds she was impressed by her Auntie's skills -- and then she remembered I'm a grown up, she's a teenager and we are natural enemies in public. Alas.

Still and all, Loki looks nice around a neck, doesn't he? He tends to roll a bit:

(better picture of Nieceling, not so much of the scarf). I'm ok with that -- the bead work is for my own pleasure, not necessarily for strangers across a room to view. Still and all, I'm gratified that the scarf turned out so well and looks like something intentional. 

I have a thing about that, stuff I make looking "intentional". 

I'd put the pattern out for others, but there's some conversion I'd have to do. Either that, or I need a functioning scanner to make my handwritten charts into image files that I can send. If anyone wants a copy, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

I'm not holding my breath on that. :-)

In other matters:

S-'s Post

A month or more ago, I went to visit my friend S- in Ohio if you recall. We had a bit of a giggle about something that I'm now going to share with you.

My friend (ok, ok, and I) has a bit of a fangurl thing for the actor who played Loki in the movie Thor, Tom Hiddleston. Hey, he's cute, he's got a nice voice (more my thing than hers, although she thinks the same) and he's talented. Plus he made Loki a little bit sweet along with seriously troubled (I'm not kidding, that dude's got daddy issues coming and going) instead of just mental, which tells me he gets him, and since I totally feel the Loki wangst, that's hot. 

So when we heard that they were filming part of the new Avengers movie in Cleveland, we were stoked. Well, she was more stoked than I because, while I wouldn't be driving to Cleveland just to hang out in a large crowd of other superhero movie nerds, she could go see what was to be seen. And maybe get photographic evidence for me. Which she actually did. Well, she went to see him but she did not get photographic evidence. I guess the glare of his beautifulness stunned her into forgetting her camera. Bugger.

Imagine my surprise at discovering that she had carried along bait to bring the Hiddleston to her point in the fan line -- a Chili's chicken sandwich. There's a long and involved story about this, and you could probably find it if you searched fansites, but suffice to say, it's an 'in-joke' with the Hiddlestonians that His Hiddleness loves the Chili's chicken sandwich. 

She was telling me the tale (she did get fairly close, got to see himself with his helmet and bask in his presence but did not whip out the sandwich -- for which I am eternally grateful, considering how invasive cavity searches are -- ) and I asked her what she had planned to do with the sandwich -- use it as bait? Was she going to shoot him with a sedative dart and radio tag him before releasing him back into the wild?

We giggled over the image of baiting a trap for Tom Hiddleston with a chicken sandwich when I realized: if she had set a rather lame trap, say, a box with a stick and string type trap, that would have been massively less creepy than a fangurl just handing one over the security line. It might even have worked, in terms of bringing him over to her to sign her picture because it would be hilarious. In other words, she went pretty far with the in-joke, but she didn't go far enough to show she wasn't actually insane. 

Fangurl offering food = creepy potential stalker attempting to poison him.

Actually baiting a box-stick-string trap with a Chili's chicken sandwich = absurd, surrealist joke on his avowed love for generic American restaurant food. Vastly less creepy, because it's unlikely to actually work. Also, he's got advance warning that you're strange so he can take precautions, but maybe he'd be more willing to start the high-five line at your position instead of five people behind you. Again, sigh.

Then, because we are the most boring people alive and have nothing better to do, we actually spent time designing a string-box-stick trap.

God, we need to get out more.

Here are the plans we came up with for our very own homemade:

ACME Hiddleston Trap*

You will need:

 1. A box (IMDB tells me Tom Hiddleston is 6'1", so a shoebox would do)

2. A Y-shaped stick with a string tied around it.

3. A Chili's chicken sandwich. Fresh, please. My friend's was so old she described it as "more science project than meal", and that thought frightens me just a little. Both in that she was carrying the damn thing and that she was actually thinking of handing it over.

Set Up

Prop your box up on the stick with the string tied to it and slide your sandwich beneath it.

You know, I bet Elmer Fudd never had this much trouble setting the same trap for Bugs. I guess it's the fact we're setting the trap for a human (and a fairly smart human, if his grammar and syntax are anything to go by. And they are. I am so totally intimidated.) Although it could also be because this type of trap is the most lame trap of all in the known universe.

Oh, look, Loki! A sandwich, for you!

(At this point, you pay someone in the crowd to shout: "Look out, Tom, it's a trap!" because that just increases the funny.)


You tension the rope....


There you have it, the handy-dandy Tom Hiddleston Trap.

And I know exactly what my friend is getting for Christmas this year:

*If you actually try this, you probably deserve what you will get, which is carted off by security and asked probing -- heh, heh, I used the word "probing" -- questions like: "What do you think you're doing?", "How long have you planned to harm Mr. Hiddleston?" and "Do you prefer to room with a murderer or a gang banger?" 

Just kidding; they assign prison quarters, they don't ask. 

Please don't hate me, Mr. Hiddleston, I'd never harm or advocate for anyone to harm you. If you're harmed, you aren't acting. And if you aren't acting, there's hardly anything worth bothering to watch. And I do loves me my movies.


Sparrow said...

I would very much like a copy of the pattern, or to buy a ready-made scarf from you. It's beautiful.

Silver Phoenix said...

I'm working on it -- I've sent you an email, too.

I'll keep you posted on how it all falls out. Knowing me, something will spontaneously combust in the process, but I'll manage to keep it together in some way.

Lindsey said...

I would love to have a copy of the pattern. :D

My e-mail is lindseypro21 (at) aol (dot) com