Monday, October 10, 2011


I learned tonight not to make hasty assumptions.

One of my knit coven members (we had shockingly few members present tonight -- four, at our peak numbers) brought the following tonight:

 It's Lion Brand -- one of my go-to yarns -- in a color called "Catskills". The picture hardly does it justice, in person it's quite...quite. Catskills. Not an image you can bring to mind with that candy yellow, hot pink, screaming purple melange up there, is it? I posited that perhaps it's actually inspired by some high Victorian, steam-punk, Moulin Rouge inspired bordello in the Catskills, not the mountains themselves. That theory, oddly, was shot down. I thought it was a good one. Anyway, I learned my lesson that it's unwise to mock -- see, here's where assumptions get tied in with the tale. I assumed that since, in skein, it's a bit cat-barf-after-Christmas-when-the-bows-vanished, it would knit up the same. However....

It's actually quite beautiful. Yes, there are still eye-wateringly bright spots in there, but overall, the softer colors mute the effect of the others.

You know what they say happens when you assume. Granted, I won't go so far as to say that I completely fell in with the entirety of the saying, but I did feel a bit sheepish for making the assumption itself.

So just because a yarn looks like a hot mess in the skein, don't assume it will knit into a hot mess. It might just surprise you!

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