Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weird things on the street.

Bamboo. In a local neighborhood. And you can't see it, but on the other side of that fence is a veritable forest of bamboo.

Someone's all highlands of China up in here. I wonder if they've got a pet panda, too.

I'm doing a little better today, since I went walking with one of my best friends this morning. We dragged her poor children all over that neighborhood while we chattered on like a couple of monkeys, then went to lunch. This is my regular Wednesday schedule, but somehow it makes the day that much better. If only I could get the same sort of happiness hit every day. It lasted me so long, I even got work done today. Real, for-pay type work. I'm going to log off here and do some knitting, too.

Whoo. Hold me back, kids, I'm just going wild.

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adriene said...

Golly, you just rein yourself in there, girl! Enjoy your knitting!