Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I should be doing but am not.

Working. Eating dinner. Researching other freelance opportunities.

What am I doing? Uploading pictures from the walk I took yesterday. But look, look!

 This was the prettiest red leaf on that tree. One or two others were trying, but they couldn't quite cut it. Sorry, leaves. Try harder.

 I love the gold color of these leaves. Once upon a time, back when I was more emo than I am today, I wrote a very sappy free-verse poem about these leaves and the fans dropped when the fair folk left the dance. You can see why. You can also see why, I'm sure, I gave up on the poetry.

 Every leaf on this tree had the same pattern of gold/brown edging. I wonder if the trees co-ordinate themselves in fall, or if it's just dumb luck?

And my favorite picture of all:

A combination of bad angle and dirty finger touching the lens made this image possible. It almost looks like I've filtered it, out there on the edges. But I didn't. Just a lucky shot!

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