Friday, September 16, 2011


This is almost literally a visual metaphor for my life right now. Tangled up blankets, tangled up skein, empty soft, squishy chair waiting. Just...waiting. I know I get this way periodically, but I dunno. Today I'm just a bit burnt out on myself. Things are strange up in here, and by "up in here" I mean in my head. Sigh. Maybe I should be getting more sleep or more protein or whatever, but I just can't find any enthusiasm for just about anything lately. Well, aside from knitting, which I have precious little time for anymore.

Maybe that's my problem: I'm fiber deficient.

Anyway, I decided to splurge a little and feed myself amply (if not entirely well) by gorging on pizza at my favorite pizza place tonight. So I called in an order (and got my mother a salad, too, I wasn't being completely greedy) and hie'd me off to fetch yon cheesy goodness, and this is what I found:

Little claw-feet yarn bombs on the benches outside the restaurant. Awwww. You might not be able to tell (or this may be the wrong shot), but one set of them (there are two benches) is sparkly.

That did make my day, you know. Sparkly dino-claws on benches. I feel a bit better about the world for that.

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