Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rocking on the charity squares

It's on a dishtowel because there was grease or something on the yarn that I had to wash out. It washed, so I'm not upset. I've got my third square cast on and I'm going to work on it tonight as I watch some television. I may get my target of three squares done by the 30th after all!

We're waiting on storms here, but while we're waiting I decided to hop on and make a small post. I've done nothing else today that remotely qualifies as "working" or even "writing". Or, frankly, anything. I went walking with my friend, discussed the trials of being a mother to a toddler and a newborn at one time (yikes, she's nuts) and then went to lunch. I got lazy after and went to get cat food and treats and pasta (for me) with my mom when I got home, then made some dinner.  Nothing too exhausting.

Now I'm just sitting here, digesting and feeling a bit disgusted with myself that I've not accomplished anything today -- other than socializing, which is, for me, actually quite a big deal. Just three years ago, I had very few friends and spent even less time with them. So I suppose I shouldn't be too cranky about not doing for-pay work, I did get out of the house with someone not family. That's an accomplishment of sorts.

And I suppose I should quit writing. I had a glass of wine with dinner and now I'm a bit...loopy. I'm sure this post makes about no sense whatsoever. But at least my back doesn't hurt anymore. Again, I suppose that's an accomplishment of sorts!

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