Monday, September 26, 2011

Half-way mark

Tonight I went to knit night. I admit, I've not been feeling the knitting mojo lately, and that's always a sad thing. But I still go every Monday -- if nothing else, it keeps me in contact with humanity at large. I wasn't feeling what I've got on the needles, so I asked the group what I should work on. The only vote I got was for the Loki scarf. So I worked on it.

And then I frogged everything I accomplished at the end of the night. My friend was right; mesh doesn't TINK. Thank the knitting goddesses that I use not one but two safety lines -- one where I stop for the night and one was left at the base of my mesh.  You know, just in case I find something way back that I missed the first time. So I only lost seven repeats of mesh -- 28 rows. When you only have 21 stitches, that's not all that much.

Still and all, I got home and was waiting for Castle to start and decided to try again. I mean, there was nothing to do until 10 but knit, so...

I got everything I'd done at knit group and frogged re-done, and more. You'll notice, too, that the rescue line at the base of the mesh is gone. Where did it go?

I moved it up. I measured tonight and I'm at my half-way point. Half-way through the entire scarf.

Good Lord, y'all. I never realized how tiresome mesh can become! But at least I'm on the downhill side of the scarf, and there's more beadwork to look forward to, so maybe now that I can just...fold over the scarf to check my progress vis a vis the mesh, I'll be moving along more quickly. If nothing else, I can now see how many more repeats I've got, and just having a number is a great relief.

Of course, when I get to the beading section, the knitting will slow right down again, but that's just to be expected. The last few rows before the center and the last few rows before the bind off warp time so that they actually take longer to knit than anything that came before.

Oh, well. I'm closer! That's what counts.

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