Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Wee Loki

I'll call it Little Loki, properly. I've plotted and planned and gotten extra dental equipment and finally it's underway:

 This is the very, very beginning of the first beaded section. There are somewhere north of 75 rows of beading to begin, followed by several feet of lattice lace, then another 75 to 80 rows of beads and selvage at the other end. I'm debating some type of fringe. I don't know, though. It may not suit.

The project has begun through the kind support of these:

 It's a flosser. One of these flossers:

I don't mind giving Oral B a shout out; they keep my teeth clean (so far as that goes). I've never had braces or bridgework, but I can honestly say these Superflossers are da bomb when it comes to beading knitting. These work way better than the other ones I got.

I'm still in some small pain from the stress of knitting on a black and green scarf past dark (why don't I ever think these things through?!?! Granted, it was required by the inspiration, but I'm going to be knitting on this thing for ages and ages -- those are US 5 needles in the middle of that sock yarn -- but if I could have chosen a different conflicted comic book villain, maybe someone whose colors are...oh, I don't know, off-white and bright blue? Yellow and spring greens? I'd be happier).

I'll get over it, I'm sure.

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