Friday, July 22, 2011

Another one comes home.

I got something yesterday, again in a gift bag.

 I'm developing a complex about gift bags.

The nice people at my vet's office made me a gift to go along with the tin:
 An imprint of his massive, almost people-like paw. With two hearts and his name pressed into it, too. It's sweet and a little bit creepy all at the same time.

But just look at the size of that paw, people!
My thumb fits in the center pad and I've got ginormo-man-hands. I mean, I knew he was big, but if I'd known how big I might have been more cautious around him. He always seemed so contained. A little furry Max Cady in my home.

Anyway, I went shopping today and got something to help with the Little Loki:
Dental floss threaders. I can bead away to my heart's content. I know, I know, they're the wrong sort of threaders for beading, but I can make do for now. Until I can get back to the drug store and find the other sort, which won't be until tomorrow or later.

I have had a hard day -- which is odd, since I've not done as much as I'd planned, but the past few weeks have been very difficult for me so just about anything I do seems to take so much effort. I think I will pour myself a glass of hydrating fluids (no wine for me tonight, alas) and then I'm going to get a start on Little Loki. I've finished the last of the first three seasons of Supernatural on DVD which my friend loaned me when I visited her (addiction, I so haz it), so I haven't got anything to watch -- unless I want to re-watch my favorite episodes. In true 'me' fashion, I am a Trickster addict, and I've got all but his last (SOB!!!) appearance in the pile on top of my television. Hmmm. Knitting on a scarf dedicated to a trickster god while watching The Trickster kill Dean over and over and over.... Sounds fitting.

Oh, and for the record? Despite the whole Trickster fetish, I am totally a Dean girl. Not that I'd kick Sam out of bed for eating cookies and not sharing them, that b*stard, but one gets the feeling that Dean has slightly more imagination in the ways that count to a groupie, you know? Very Alpha, slightly aggro, but probably lots of fun over a long weekend.

I don't know as I'd keep him in my house for long, though. It'd be like having a large, muddy, hyper dog. With a gun collection to make the US army cry with envy. Hmmm, maybe not so much with the Dean girl thing.

Ok, ok, ok. He can come over, but he has to leave that duffle bag in the car. House rules.

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