Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's ready, it's ready, it's ready!

My special dyed, pretty fabulous yarn is done! The lady who did the work is going out of town until Sunday so I can't have it yet. But soon. Soon I shall have my fabulous, specially dyed, super-unique and wonderful yarn in my hands. My hot, over-excited hands will soon have the yarn I've wanted for the past month and I can begin my designing for real.

Bwahahahahahhaaaa-cough, cough, sputter. Ahem.

Yes. I will be designing something very special with my yarn. You'll see. *smirk*


adriene said...

Can't wait to see it! I'm going to my very first yarn-dyeing workshop on Monday. I totally get your excitement!

Silver Phoenix said...

I might try my hand at dyeing when I get my own space--I can't exactly cook yarn in a shared kitchen.

Alas. :-)