Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interesting Occurance

The last time I went to the movies (previous to today, that is) I thought, as they showed the little service commercial stating that the emergency exits were there for a reason, how odd, I wonder if they ever do have fires in movie theaters? Wouldn't it suck if there was one today?

Yet nothing came of it, I watched my film, went home and life went on.

Today, I went to the movies (X-Men First Class, good flick, highly recommended) and we did have an alarm sound and we did evacuate the theater. Then we all stood around in the shadow of the building (owing to the hour, we were all standing with our backs to the front wall; probably not the safest spot to be, but if there'd been real danger I figure the employees would have left the building as we did--as it was, they stayed inside) and watched the firemen and, eventually, the fire marshall go in. We waited and waited some more, then the firemen came out and told us we could go back in. STILL no employees to be found, but that was ok. We all went back to our theaters, sat back down in our seats (sort of, I got shifted out of mine by seat poachers who had arrived after me initially and decided to take advantage of the situation to get better--ie, my--seats when we were let back in) and the movie started back up where it had ended before.

It was quite interesting, really. I've never been in a building that had a legitimate fire alarm. Everything proceeded so smoothly and easily, it was as if we'd rehearsed!

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