Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm like a toddler at Christmas.

My yarn is here! It's home and tucked up safely in its home for the next little while; a plastic baggie.

Golly, it's pretty! And absolutely perfect. I was not sure how well it would turn out (I mean, how vague can you get, black and green and sort of like this) but I'm pleased beyond all recognition at what happened.

I was so giddy with joy (and low blood sugar; I really need to be more vigilant about eating meals on time!) that I caked it up as soon as I got it home.

It's every bit as purty in the cake as in the skein. Possibly even more perfect, if possible.

I also have the other skein of pre-dyed green and black yarn that I got at the fiber fest caked up (there's something to having the yarn ready to go that makes my designer juices all drippy, which is sloppy but necessary if I'm going to actually get knitting on it):

See, there's more green, and the green is lighter in this skein. Not really what I had in mind, but close enough for government work. It would have sufficed, had I never gotten lucky and found the wonderful lady with the bottomless dye vats and a strong desire to try new color combos. She told me she enjoyed this project, it gave her the chance to play with this color combination. I guess black and green isn't popular as color combinations go, unsurprisingly, so she had the chance to see how best to accomplish the feat. There were actually four test skeins she did (I only ordered one), and I got to choose the one that met my mental needs best. It was a difficult choice, being as I love green and black and they were all very well done, but in the end only one really made sense for the scarf I see in my mind.
I will be making up my new pattern soon. Right now, my sugar is so low I'm about ten seconds from falling out of my chair. I have soup on the hob and I need to get in there and add the final few ingredients. It's supposed to be Vichyssoise, ergo, served cold, but a) I like potatoes and leeks and I like them warm and b) you can't really ruin vichyssoise, no matter how warm you serve it (or how chunky), so I'm just going to mush up the potatoes a little, add the dairy and go.

Before I faint, that is. Between yarn fumes and not having eaten much today, I'm about there!

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