Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cheap 'n Cheerful Scarves


Sorry, I just loved that look of stunned dismay Franks is affecting there. Not that he doesn't wear it a lot (apparently he's just a little better than we are) but this is the first time I've managed to catch it on camera.

Franks is our cockatiel. Heh, nymphicus hollandicus. I'm going to have to tease him about that. We got him when a nursery and craft store my brother worked for at the time got rid of its pet section (and that should tell you where he worked, if you're from the midwest). Frankie, alas, had been abused for years by unsupervised yardapes who shoved fingers and sticks and whatnot between the cage bars at him. He doesn't talk--apparently the trauma rendered him aphasic--although he does wolf-whistle a good deal.

I think the horror is because he just saw my new yarn:

 Heh, heh, heh. It's got sparkles. I love sparkles. Strangely, despite my attempts to pretend I'm just Too Cool For That, the sparkles have wormed their way into my heart. I wonder if there's an anti-parasitic for that...

Anyway, I got it to go with this yarn:

My Anchor Style Miro. I got given it about a year ago when I sent an emergency care package (with Bernat Chunky Alpaca in) overseas, along with some nice lace yarn, chocolate and teas. Mmmm. The chocolates.

Anyway, most of that care package is gone, long gone, and all I have left is one tin of tea and the yarn. The lace I will find some suitable project for, but the Miro has been a mystery to me all along. It's pretty, but there's so little of it (73 yards) for the weight (DK). All the projects I've seen for it on Ravelry either use a ton of it for some sort of cozy or scarf, or turn it into dishcloths. It's too cheery to be a dishcloth! Plus it's plastic (acrylic and polyester) so I imagine it's crap at the sink-work.

I then thought I need to make a cheap and cheerful scarf for myself, using the Miro and something either fluffy or sparkly. I went to my favorite Big Box and found the Caron Simply Soft Party in Royal. There were two skeins, but someone had torn the ballbands off and unwound them partially (why? Why, for the love of my KnitPicks Zephyr Interchangeables, WHY!?!?!) I called a Big Box Drone over to my side and asked if they had any in back that hadn't been pawed through like the undie bin at a white sale and she said, Alas, no. But I'll give you these half off.

So I got some really cheap and cheerful yarn to go with my completely free and cheerful yarn in a scarf designed to lift my spirits in the winter with sparkle and sheer power of rainbow color.

It's so '80s, I might gag on a spoon.*

*Yes, I totally dated myself there. No, I don't care.

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