Tuesday, May 24, 2011


And the Surly Knitter is drowsy. And not really working all that hard. Gah. It just means I'll be working extra hard over the next three days. Sucky.

On the upside, since I went to my knitting group last night and did not have to fight the intruder over my yarn, I got started on a new project. An illusion dishcloth--which sounds silly (why the fancy knitting on something designed to scrub pots with?) but it's a good 'getting the basics down' pattern. Better than starting out with the piano scarf. A lot less yarn, at any rate.

I'm washed out with the weather and bad blood sugar control (I forget to eat at regular intervals, sigh) so today was a near wash. I did get one article done, yay me, and did some work on the genealogy front. I realized today that while my great grandfather may have lived in my state, that's no reason to think his father did. I've been searching and searching for my great-great grand's grave (I have a dim memory of his headstone) and haven't been able to find it in state. Suddenly I realized the single great might have moved here after the double great died elsewhere.

Suddenly, my search options opened up. There's still the possibility that the double great never really immigrated and died somewhere in Germany (in which case, he gets put on the back burner until I track down some other family members), but I begin to feel like it's more likely he moved here with his family in 1874, died sometime between then and 1880 (he's not in the census) and his son moved his family across state lines for whatever reason.

I guess that's some progress today. Not a whole heck of a lot, but some.

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