Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I got nothin'

Seriously. I have done nothing at all this week. Well, I've blogged pretty regularly (shocker), but it was mostly babbling about my internal psychodramas. Bo-ring. I haven't worked on my knitting, I haven't worked on my work (potentially trouble-making), I haven't worked on self-improvement, nothing. Well, I did some writing on a fiction project today, but I don't know that 15 minutes of fumbling on a keyboard really counts for much.


My next project will be to do something with my Sunlit Grotto:

Classic Elite Silky Alpaca, 460 yards of lace weight goodness. I've gotten the Barbara Walker stitchioneries out of the library again, looking for inspiration. Not finding it. Oh, there are indeed tons of pretty, pretty pictures, I'm just not feeling anything this week.

I have just lost all mojo this week. I do not understand. It must be the moon phase (new moon in my area, for those who are curious) or the weather or something. Hormones, maybe. The impending holiday which will pull all my family members in for the day (not a restful thing for me, alas).

I don't know. I do know that tomorrow I cannot let myself be a slacker. I've got at least...six articles to get out of the way tomorrow. Oh, I can do it; I could do all 10 and then some if I let myself, I just have the feeling this malaise will not be going away by tomorrow.

I say it again: Feh.

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