Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Toy!

I found the Random Knitting Chart Generator a few weeks ago and played with it a bit, but didn't do anything with it at the time. Today I found it again and realized its potential. Yes, the patterns are randomly generated, but sometimes out of seemingly random chance comes great and good things. I've made three patterns out of it, and I might use them to knit a scarf. I'll have to test knit them to see what the heck I drew in my random generations.

I also found a Maze Pattern Generator, which is cool. To the right are motif and general pattern generators. I'm not sure if this page is random or if they're programmed to rotate with each click, but it's cool as all get out.

I foresee a new place to waste some hours....


Susann said...

I'm glad that you find my maze generator cool :)

As for the question whether my generators are really random or programmed to rotate with each click:
- the random squares pattern generator is random (of course ;-)),
- the maze pattern generator is random,
- and the patterns of the cellular automaton pattern generator follow the rules of an cellular automaton - which I simply didn't understand ;-))

If you like the Random Knitting Chart Generator (which I like much, too :)), you may also want to look at my YouKnits: a lot of lace patterns that you can combine as you like in both directions to create your personal patterns.
With the YouKnits designer you can drag & drop the patterns to your personal pattern before starting to knit - this way you'll know beforehand what you'll get ;-)
Some of the patterns are available for free, others must be purchased.
You can create most beautiful patterns with the free YouKnits already (see the examples e.g. where some are always made from free YouKnits).

Anyway, I hope that you'll enjoy your knitting - whether you'll knit cables, fair isle or lace :)

Silver Phoenix said...

Wow, sounds too cool. More time wasters on the web!