Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to build it best?

OK, here's my dilemma (in as short a post as possible, as I've horribly bruised the tip of my right ring finger in a shoe changing incident and typing is painful tonight).

I have 520 yards of Frog Tree alpaca, in sportweight. It's not a ton, but if I nurse it cautiously, I should be able to get a smallish shrug/shoulder moebius out of it. Should I:

A. Knit a shrug from elbow to elbow, with a smallish collar tacked on after?
B. Knit the back from bottom up, do the sleeves from the sides and then connect the front with a larger shawl collar?
C. Do a moebius shoulder shrug with armholes (maybe; I might just leave it the moebius, although they slide up. A lot. And I find that irritating.)
D. Give up and go do some simpler knitting?

Right now I'm leaning toward D, but I'm a bit tired and the constant distress over the possibilities is making me cranky.

And now, I have to go get a cold compress for my finger. I seem to have a talent for creative injury, but this is a new one to me. At least it won't keep me from knitting!

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adriene said...

Oh, shoes... why do you hurt us so?

What if you knit a shrug from the top down instead, so that you could try it on as you went along, and then decide how much yarn you need to make a shawl collar? Something like this: