Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yet more weather.

This time, snow.

Don't get me wrong, it's far superior to the ice (some streets are still skating rink smooth around here), but I'm getting very tired of the weather. Spring will be torrid as well, I'm sure, but it's usually a slightly warmer torrid, and that would suit me just fine.

In other news, my wrist feels infinitely better. I'm still sitting out on the knitting until tomorrow (which is why I'm posting today; I'm not getting online tomorrow if it can be helped because that might eat into my knitting time) and I can't wait until then. I hope I don't overtire my wrist or anything by knitting for hours on end, some kind of boomerang-knitting-diet sort of binge. Still and all, I think five days is long enough to sit out waiting for my wrist to heal up, and as long as I get some knitting time, I shouldn't go insane about it. Shouldn't. I hope.

And a random observation: I was supposed to hang out with a friend this afternoon, but I called her around 11 and told her not to come over because of the weather. She went quiet for a minute and then asked what was wrong with the weather. That's when I realized a) she really doesn't watch the news or even the commercials on broadcast stations anymore, weather people get so excited about bad weather; it gives them their opportunity to shine, and b) she hadn't even looked out her window yet today. I would have fallen over with shock if I could have (but I was sitting in my car--parked!--in a parking lot with my seat belt on, so that wasn't likely to happen). I am such a morning person that just the thought of waking up at 11 am (unless it's from a nap) nauseated me. The better part of the day is half over by noon! Why would I sleep it away?

Insanity. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have my nap. :-)


adriene said...

I have to say that I'm getting tired of the weather too, more so because it's been swinging around so much from extreme to extreme. Bring on the spring! I'm glad to hear your wrist is healing up. I think I've messed mine up a bit, but I'm nursing it gently. Here's to healthy wrists!

Silver Phoenix said...

I tried to provoke spring by shaving my legs a month early (why bother shaving when no one really is going to see them?). It's going to be nearly 40 degrees on Sunday, so maybe it worked!

And hear, hear to healthy wrists. I hope yours get better quickly!