Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mother Nature strikes again.

I was going to post about the progress on my cowl. Oh, why not:

I've got the biggest color block prior to the hood itself done, the two next biggest blocks done and am started on the last one of size. See that blue stripe below the green? It's a set of 8. I'm doing the green version of that at the top half right now. Then there's a five of the white, a three of the blue and one of the brown to go before I bind off half the stitches and start work on the hood.

Well, I'm not knitting right now, because:

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I'm not a lefty. And you can see what prompted the splinting up behind the hand, too.

Like just about everyone in the States this week, we've had weather. Ice, to be precise, about an inch. Suck, suck, suck. So did I fall? Get whacked when a tree branch, overburdened by it's shellacked coat of heavy ice, gave up and dropped like a freezing stone? No.

I did that scraping the ice (and the thingie that spits windshield washer fluid--hey, I couldn't see it, and it came off in part of an ice chunk, so the argument could be made that it froze off) off my car. My other wrist and both arms, up to the shoulders, ache too, but my right wrist seems to have taken the brunt of the punishment. It's actually far, far better today than it was yesterday (because in addition to scraping, chipping and shoveling a ton of ice off my car, I was baking and cooking all day long), but I don't think it advisable to be knitting in this condition. I don't want to do myself a long term injury, when I could just lay off the toss and flick for two or three days and be right as rain. It's a trade off, I admit, now that I've got a fire under my behind to get the cowl finished (and am close enough to smell it), but I think the rest now would end up being a cost savings in the end, medically speaking. There's always Sunday, after all.

Now that I'm benched, I'm reading, watching junk off my TiVo and trying desperately to stay awake. I worked this morning (really, I'm amazed at myself--when I didn't feel like working before, when I was working for someone else, I would goof off and net surf all day long. Nowadays, when I don't feel like working, I do goof off, but I still do my work anyway. No matter how long it takes. Weird.) I ate some of yesterday's cooking frenzy for dinner--a very Mexican themed chicken soup--and had some raw cookie dough (my favorite! Fresh mixed by Mommy!) for afters and now...I'm blogging. Le sigh.

It's still not knitting, but it's close enough, I guess. At least there's yarn.

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