Monday, February 7, 2011

I did it! I knitted!

Here's me, making my first stitch in nearly a full week:
It felt good, really good. I only did two rounds, mostly to keep from re-injuring myself but also because I was watching the Super Bowl while knitting. Sheesh. There were moments in the first half that I wondered if anyone was playing against Green Bay, but toward the end it got good. Somebody showed up on the field after halftime, and I'm not talking about Usher. Speaking of the half time show--what was that with Usher? Was he really necessary? Did he actually do anything other than that impressive leap-land-in-splits thing over Why was he there?

Those are just the questions I can verbalize. There's a lot about the half time show that leaves me confused and speechless. Like really excellent fiction, however, I think I will ultimately be left with only more questions, questions that lead me to deep introspection and further personal growth. Or indigestion. One or the other.

I'm currently watching Thing 1 and Thing 2. They, and their human, are moving to New York City soon. I will weep and wail, but I have a cheering image of Thing 2 in a hipster hat and scarf, slouching down the streets by Washington Park with the other college students. Maybe growing a goatee (if he can), probably a straggly one, and reciting poetry on street corners for 'nip money. Thing 2 is definitely a City Cat; I think he will enjoy it there immensely. If nothing else, the street theater outside his new apartment will keep him entertained.

 Kees mah toez, hooman. I am teh sexay.

He helped me with my knitting after being snotty with me all day long and looking down at me from various perches above the level of my head.

ZOMG, my tail looks huge in this thing! Get it off me!

His sistah, Thing 1, was entirely disdainful of my knitting efforts.

Look how regal her pose, how proudly she ignores me. Ah, the cattitude!

I'll miss them, but their human reports they will return, and until then I am free to visit next time I am in the city. I might have to make a special trip, just to see if 2 grows his goatee.

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Nicole said...

They're gonna miss you too! Great pics. Too cute. I'll be sure to take pictures of the new hipsters just as soon as they get settled so you can see Matzoh's goatee in all its glory.