Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gaspode the Magnificent, 1998-2011

You knew him as Dog, I knew him as Gaspode. I had to have him put to sleep early this morning, due to the effects of his advanced Cushing's Disease. I was fortunate enough to be with him until the end, when he simply fell asleep in my arms.

He was a wonderful companion, a most excellent friend and a constant source of trouble. He had a deep love of squirrel chasing, bacon and French cinema, particularly Audrey Tatou movies. We enjoyed nearly 13 years of mischief and mayhem together before I couldn't justify putting him through one more series of medical interventions that were unlikely to bring him back to his squirrel chasing prime, but were very likely to cause him more pain and trauma. He deserved so much more than that.

I was very, very lucky to have had him in my life. I realized yesterday that, no matter how much I wished it so, he was never really mine to begin with, he just walked beside me for a while.

I miss him.

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Marigold said...

I'm so sorry to hear that he won't be around with you anymore. :( good bye Dog. good boy.