Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!

Normally, holidays are meaningless to me vis a vis my schedule--working for yourself means you can make your own holidays or take none at all; tradition dictates you take none, but I think I'll just take different ones than the rest of the nation. Maybe...maybe I'll take World Braille Day (January 4) off in observance, or National Bubba Day in June. Do my own calendar of days off, make the holidays personal

Anyway, the fact that today is Thursday and Veteran's Day means I'm at home today. Since all of my volunteer committments are through some state office or another (State Library, State Archives) I can't really go in for my shifts. I've actually got two weeks off this month, today and Thanksgiving. Whatever will I do with myself? Oh, yeah, I've got plans on that second one....

So I've been making lists of stuff I have to get done today. One, call the vets. Dog needs his liver pills refilled and his recurring staph infection (from allergies) has flared up. I've actually just gotten off the phone with them, and they're checking to see if the vet will just go ahead and prescribe something for Dog without an office visit. It's not like I don't know what a skin staph infection looks like in my dog, he's only gotten it at least three times a year for the past twelve years. Update: The vet's office called back, they trust me. His antibiotics will be waiting with the liver pills. Only around $100 in meds waiting this morning for my dog.


Two, deal with my credit reports. I've currently got them frozen (no one can look at my reports at all, not even me, without I call all three agencies and give them my pin first. PITA. Supposedly, there's another option for keeping people from using my credit. Something that doesn't require a pin. I don't remember what it is, I'll have to ask my brother who told me about it. But once I get that dealt with, I need to

Three, look for better auto insurance rates. Hopefully, something I can pay once a year, before my benefits run out. It's cheaper, and it defers until next year (late November or December) further payments to an insurance company. Blech.

Four, get my bonding and get started on the process to become a notary. Not that I think I'll make a ton of cash as a notary in my state, but being bonded is almost always a good reference for the modern freelancer, particularly one who might be doing anything that involves someone's property.

Five, test a pet personal theory of mine and start donating blood. I need to time it properly, though--I have been thinking about my propensity toward migraines at certain points in the tidal pull (ahem), and how it might help to simply have a bit less blood circulating to prevent the excess being shunted to my brain. It may help, it may not, but, historically, bleeding has been a remedy for chronic headaches, and mine do go away when the tide goes out (so to speak), it's basically a charity anyway, so I'll give it a go. If it works, I'll be sure and let everyone know. If it doesn't, it's good social hygeine anyway, so I'll probably keep it up.

I begin to wonder if I'm not coming down with something at present. My lungs feel heavy, have done all week, my migraines have been playing me dickey and I'm just so tired. Granted, the migraines could be contributing to the tired part, but not the lungs. Also I just feel sore all over. Perhaps it's the weather change, but either way, I need to restore myself somehow. A tonic. Perhaps it's time to get the Drambuie out and make some toddies. I just need a lemon and I'm good to go.

I better get off here and get to work. I've been on the cusp of a migraine all week, and too long on the computer makes it worse. I'm going to do some work on my poetry this morning, then I have an appointment, then I'm going to the blood center. Wish me luck on the curative aspect of my experiment!

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