Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toys! Squeee!

I got home this afternoon from my Thursday volunteer 'obligations' (can you call it that when they're this fun?) to find this:

Toy box!

Squee! New yarn! The stuff I ordered this past weekend is here already! Here's what I bought myself.

Three skeins Knit Picks Shadow in Queen Anne tonal. Ooooh. It's actually a bit more orange in real life (it always seems slightly pinker in photos), but I still rather like it more than I feel I ought.

Three skeins Knit Picks Shadow in Canopy tonal. This came out a bit more yellow and just a smidge faded in photo. The actual green puts me in mind of malachite--which I love. I'm going to have fun with this one!

And two skeins of Felici in Time Traveler. Did you honestly think I could resist a sock yarn dyed in the colors of my favorite nemesis, the Doctor Who Scarf? Now that we're getting closer to autumn, I'm going to have to devote a day or two to finishing up my thin version (I don't like folds of fabric touching my neck--weird, yes, I know--so I made my personal scarf half as wide) and then maybe make a Wibbly Wobbly Cowl or something similar from this.

Or maybe I'll go insane and try socks again. I've got enough yarn here for (probably) two knee socks, which would suit in some inexplicable fashion.

We'll see what is to be seen. As of now, though, the stashing has ceased until some of this yarn I have is knitted up. I've cleaned out my yarn collection so that it fits in one (very large) container, I don't want to have to buy another yarn tub to replace the ones I just gave away!

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