Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I been gone oh, so long.

Where did I go, you may ask? Nowhere. My unemployment, among millions of others', ran out, so I've been writing and writing, like it's my job. Oh, wait....

The above pictured is my rightful reward for a week's hard work--pizza and a beer. Porter, actually, and tasty as all heck. Beautiful. God(dess) bless the brewers, and God(dess) bless the beer! It was last week's Friday night dinner, actually. I've got another bottle in the fridge, in case of emergency.

I spent most of last week kitty sittin' so precious little knitting actually got done. I've made progress on my scarf (now called "Walled Garden" on Ravelry), but what progress was made was made at knitting coven meetings. Still and all, progress was made. That's a lovely sentence to type.

This month has been hard on me; I've not been sleeping well at all. I'm not sure why, but I got home Monday afternoon and that night was the first night I slept reasonably well in nearly a month. You'd not think it--it was hot as the outer levels of Hell, my cats were so glad to see me they kept stepping on my bladder with their sharp, sharp little toes--but I did. All week I've been waking up before my alarm and feel rested. It's been so good, I'm starting to scare myself!

I do not understand why I've been sleeping better, nor do I care. I'm just pleased I've gotten what feels like actual, real-live sleep the past two nights. I won't say I'm fresh, but I am somewhat restored. Maybe this weekend I'll actually knit!

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