Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At last! Finished something!

Can you figure out what this is?

It's a scarf! Here it is, fresh off the needles, and boy, I was relieved. It is one of those curly scarves, knit sideways. There's a ton of them on Ravelry, and while I do like the finished object, binding off what amounted to over 1,700 stitches really got up my nose.

I've carefully cropped my head out of this shot. Sadly, while taking this picture, I realized that I have somehow, in the past year or so, started to look...tired. Yes, age is creeping up on me somewhat speedily, but sheesh. I never exactly got to be pretty, the least Mother Time can do is let me have some dignity in my dotage! Then again, I did have a pretty bad cold this week, so maybe that made the situation worse than usual. I don't take my own picture often; how would I know?

I can't really complain, though. I do have my friends:

Thing 2, one of my cat sitting kitties, was by my side, playing with the yarn, the entire time I was binding off. All. Four. Hours. I went through half a season of MI-5, aka Spooks, while binding off. Granted, British television runs short seasons, but a lot of people died horrible, bloody deaths while I was binding off that scarf. Can I emphasize enough how tedious that process was?

(Be reassured; the kitty only looks evil. T2 is actually...well, ok, he is evil. But in a very, very nice way.)

I'm trying to get past the scarf experience, emotionally. I think my next project will use the Blue Sky Alpaca my mother got in Boston. Why? I like the color. I'm trying to find a suitable project for my pretty, pretty yarn, but I'm having issues. I'll have to think on't. Unfortunately, I'm still a bit wiped out from the cold (why, oh, why are summer colds worse than winter ones? I don't understand) so thinking is not my forte at the moment, as you can tell by the writing in this post.

And, finally, a gratuitous picture. Tonight's gloaming was ethereally beautiful. This shot caught the colors of the sky, but it misses the white fluffies falling from the ginormous cottonwood tree in our yard. It was like...fairy lights, falling softly in the pale blue and pink. For two minutes, I just stood there, gaping, and forgot all my petty problems. Nice.

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