Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange thought yesterday....

I know, I know, it's not knitting, but....

I had a realization yesterday. I keep saying, "I'm trying to work as a freelance writer" or "I'm thinking about starting up as a freelance writer", but I realized yesterday-I've already sold some of my writing. Granted, I haven't made a ton of green on it, but...technically, that means I am a freelance writer. And technical is what counts, yes? So, while I may not be doing it this week (doing some set up and finishing up related research before I launch the 'working at it as close to full time as I can stomach' bit), I still am a freelance writer. I have done it, I will do it again, ergo, I am one.

Ye Gods, what else am I that I've missed or dismissed? What other terms apply to me that I've hesitated to use because I tend to put my own accomplishments down? How many flies have I swatted for which I take no credit? I'm going to have to take some serious stock of myself, I can see.

That, and work a bit on my wishy-washy verb structure. "Trying to"? "Thinking about getting started"? How pathetically apathetic! I'm distancing myself from my verbs!

As a writer, you think I'd be more careful about that, wouldn't you. I mean, what are you without your verbs? A sentence fragment, that's what!

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