Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost my knitting mojo

I swear, I've completely lost it. I mean, two weeks ago, I was all gung-ho on my projects, getting back into an older lace project I'd abandoned. Now, I'm just too tired or allergically rhinited or whatever to even contemplate picking up my needles. And I'm sad. I enjoy knitting. Oh, it's not my life, no, but I love the yarn, the feeling of 'I made that', the craftiness of it all. And for whatever reason, the knitting goddesses have abandoned me! I'm a bit bereft.

I'm pretty sure it's the exhaustion of the mold season and the new freelance gig and all, but...I'd like to get back into my swing, you know? But there are times in everyone's life when new stuff comes in and crowds you a bit, because everyone knows that new stuff is always a bit bigger when it's new. And then you settle in, the new stuff wears down around the edges a bit, and you can jigger your time into shape again.

I'm still walking daily, I still brush my teeth twice daily (true fact: my mental health and dental hygiene are intimately linked--the more often I brush them, the more in balance I am; it's a handy little indicator for me rather like the plastic pop-up on a frozen turkey. When I stop brushing completely for more than one day, I know to get me to a therapist, stat!), my cat and dog are still getting their meds on time. Mostly. I'm moving to a more regular sleep schedule (so far I've mastered getting up 15 minutes earlier, although if I actually get out of bed is another breed of chicken entirely), so I'm trying to be up and moving before my most productive time of day (9am-12-ish). I guess I'm trending in the right direction, I just have to be patient with myself.

And maybe take a little cat nap. Not a long one (I've been dreaming wild technicolor lately, even when, or perhaps especially when I nap, which is NOT restful), just enough to blunt the tired. Drink more water, maybe. I could be dehydrated, too.

Meh. Maybe I'll knit later.

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