Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shrug progress and severe pain.

I've finished up the arm-bits of my shrug (it's a beyatch being so tall, I've got nearly 70" of knitting when I go cuff to cuff) and have picked up stitches for the collar. I'm not sure how I'm going to bind off, but I'll worry about that when I get there. I'm just grateful that my arms are proportional, and I haven't got the reach of an ape. If they were longer than the average (in terms of proportion--generally speaking, your wing span will be the same as your height) I would never have finished that thing.

And free advice for the day: If it's been a while since last you ate cruciferous veggies, DON'T for the love of all the gods, eat an entire bag of steam in bag broccoli with cheese sauce. Yes, it may be tasty, but the pain, oh, Lord God Almighty, the pain. I have the feeling it will be with me until late tomorrow, as well. I wanted to put down my yoga mats just so I could writhe around on the floor like something out of a tragic movie, then realized a) how wussy of me, I should grow up, and b) I use those mats for blocking--if I rolled around on them, I might get dirt on them.

Which is more sobering a thought: I am an immature whiner with very low pain tolerance, or I won't writhe on the ground in pain because it will besmirch my blocking pads? Either way, very sad.

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