Sunday, January 24, 2010

As if I don't have enough to be going on with....

I've started a shrug. Yes, a shrug. One that I've decided I must finish before I leave on my cruise next month. I've heard it can be chilly in the dining rooms (and on the sea; yes, we're going to Mexico, but it's winter in Mexico just like it is here. I'm not saying it will be as cold there as it will be here, and God, I hope not or what the heck did I pay all that money for, is all I'm asking, but it won't be 110 Farenheit, that's for sure.)

It's in Bernat Alpaca Chunky (alpaca/acrylic blend), in a nice, toasty brown (called, appropriately enough for the time I bought it, Tundra.) Which will wear with absolutely nothing I'm taking on this cruise for the formal events, as I will be wearing a lot of black. Oh, well. It will go with my casual clothes, I guess. You can be chilled just as easily in your t-shirt and jeans as your nice dress with spanglies.

That's it, all curled up in my new recliner. I got rid of the chaise longue, it was playing dickey with my back. This one's not much better, so I think it's actually all down to my back. The past few days I've been nothing but achy--my back, my left elbow, my legs--but those are aching because of my back. I'd say it's old age (as I'm on my way there) but it came on so sudden. Maybe I'm sickening for something? I can cope with the flu, or a nasty cold, as long as it hurries up and gets on with it and then goes on its way. It's the pre-game that's got me irritated.

A good friend of mine recommended I go to a masseuse, but I am skint beyond skint at present, and I don't think I should do that. Wish I could, or at least figure something out in the meanwhile. I'm not supposed to take anti-inflammatories (ie, aspirin, ibuprofin) due to my allergies, but my only option (acetaminophen) is useless to me. I'd have to take on enough pills to cook my liver well done for it to have any effect. Eh. Not worth it. I could just rely on scotch....

Maybe I'll do some yoga. In the meantime, I'm almost at the end of the third skein of yarn and then I have only three or four inches and the cuff out of the fourth before I bind off and pick up stitches for a collar. I'll have it done in good time, I'm sure, but I fear my elbow will never be quite the same!

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