Sunday, November 22, 2009

And I feel fine.

I've been floating a lot lately. Not as in floating in water, just...floating. I don't want to write, I'm not all that enthused by knitting, I'm not into anything, actually. I'm just riding the stream of my life. Which, admittedly, is pretty narrow at the moment. I'm not depressed, I'm just not feeling driven, and actually am pretty burnt out at being driven, as I can't seem to meet any goals I set for myself, so I've just let go. Let go angsting over outcomes I cannot control. Let go of pushing and pushing and feeling guilty that I can't get anywhere. Just...let go. And it's ok, for once. I'm not criticizing myself about the not pushing, and for the first time have a sense of inner peace.

I've finally come to inner terms over my slacker self.

In other news, Dog had some minor cosmetic surgery. He'd grown two of those black blobby things that dogs seem to develop as they age, and quite by accident they were in the scratch path to his ears. He'd hit them and they'd bleed like buggers, so I had to have them removed (if only for the sake of my pant legs--dashedly hard to get blood out of jeans!) He's got six stitches total, an appointment next Friday to have them removed, and a brand new...erm, well, they used to be cones? Those thingies that keep dogs from scratching or biting at surgical incisions? They ain't cones anymore:

Doesn't he look thrilled? *snerk*

I had some observations and thoughts to post in my next blog post, but they seem to have been swept downstream without me. I guess I'll just leave you with the Puppy Flower (alternately, it looks like he's been knocked off a boat), and a wish that you can find your own inner peace.