Friday, October 9, 2009

Well, that's gratitude for you.

I nursed my mother through a wicked cold last week--made her hot toddies (probably getting her hooked on Drambuie, which is sorta funny as she is a hysterical teetotaler), fetched and carried (to a limited extent: I wasn't home the whole time) and even checked with a mirror to make sure she didn't die during one of her naps. And how does she thank me? By giving me her cold.


Ah, well. It could be worse, I suppose. Always could be worse.

I spent Thursday morning retaking pictures of all my yarns. I only got through the cedar chest of yarny goodness, but already I'm up to 79 pictures. I sock yarn box (new!), my bulky acrylic box (also new, but not as new as the sock yarn box) and my general acrylic tub, which contains all the acrylic yarns I have dedicated to a particular project which I will not be photographing individually. And my knitting bag contents. And some random bits and bobs of yarn that I've got lying about...elsewhere. I begin to believe I have a problem--my yarn is disorganized!

In knitting news, I have slightly more sock than I did before (it took forever to get that toe put in and I did it completely wrong, so I'm not going to have a pair of matched socks at the end--which is rather in the spirit of the Weasley twins), I'm starting a baby blanket for a cousin of mine--or will be, when I get some #10 circulars in a 32" or longer length--and I've been trying to get a self-designed item started up, but keep finding problems with my pattern and so have decided to put it off for a short while. A very short while, maybe just until after Christmas. Maybe I'll take them on for Ravelympics? Then again, maybe not. I don't do well with deadlines.

The book goes (if you are following the blog, you know what I'm talking about), but will have to wait until the cold is gone to be taken up again. I've only been sitting in my desk chair for an hour surfing the webs this evening and already my back feels like it's on fire. OMG, it sucks to get sick. I suffer excellent health the majority of the time, and this is why I'm such a whiner. I wouldn't whine if I wasn't so accustomed to feeling quite hale and hearty. I know it seems I take my naturally excellent constitution quite for granted, but believe me, I don't. I long ago assumed an Attitude of Gratitude for my hearty nature. But I miss it. *sniffle, sniffle* And I'm coughing. I hate coughing.

I think I'm going to go make myself a pot of (decaffeinated) tea, and grab a tot of Drambuie for myself to drop into the bottom of the cup right before bed. That stuff is wonderful. It's every bit as good as a certain "stop your coughing, sneezing, blah, blah, blabbity, blah, blah and knock yourself out" medicine, but tastes far superior. Particularly in tea. And it isn't green. Always a good thing, that. I don't believe one should drink anything of that particular shade. Can't be good for your health.

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