Friday, July 10, 2009

My God, I'm better than I knew!

The sweater has been delivered to the Nieceling. Here's a detail of the sleeve, which can be folded over and pinned back, or hang completely over the hand in a tube:

This detail turned out better than planned, actually. Even when pinned back, they sort of bell out and flare, like an old-fashioned collar. I'm fairly surprised by that, myself.

And here she is, making a really cheesy face (and pose) for the camera:
Just as planned, the sweater dropped down to tunic length, which completely covered what she was wearing (t-shirt and shorts). She was enjoying it, even though it had to be sweltering hot--wool sweater, even a loosely knit sweater, on a monstrously hot day....

Yeah. She's good to her Auntie. :-)

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