Saturday, May 23, 2009

Been a while

And I ain't been doin' nothin'. Well, some things, but not much. My primary focus has been trying to figure out how I can freelance doing something I love and am good at, but since I've never had it as a job, everyone keeps telling me I won't be able to get work. However, I can't seem to get into the field as a job because I've never done it as a job, so it's a Catch-22.


Anyway, one of the ladies from my knitting coven suggested a cat sweater knit along. Since Yoda is just that kind of a hip, timely guy, I figure he needs a sweater. I was going to go with a late '60s, early '70s color, like lime green or burnt orange, but decided on cream, on the basis that cream is always classy.

So I bought the yarn today. As Yoda has a surplus of the fluff, I decided a cotton sweater would be for the best. Wool would be too much and might itch. I got the cheap cotton from Hobby Lobby, the "I Love This Yarn" line. I introduced the concept to himself early on.

But would it make my ass look big?

I don't know, dude. I think it would be ok.

OK, I'll go with it. Hey, it's kinda nice....

Yoda loves this yarn.


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Boy, are you lucky your fur friend just looks at the ball and approves! Muffy the Yarnslayer would have had it out of my hands, underneath her cupboard, and torn to shreds before you could move!

So what is this work you want to do but can't because the job description doesn't exist yet?

Silver Phoenix said...

Oh, the job description exists, I just haven't held down a paying version of it in years. I've been thinking of going into freelance editing. We have a lot (a LOT) of 'vanity' presses around these parts, and those authors need some serious assistance. I could get into the research end of things (I have my library science degree) and it wouldn't take much to get my indexing certifications, so I could even offer a soup to nuts sort of service.

I've done editing before (I've edited three books for a professor and my last job was heavy on the document editing function), but it wasn't my job title. And she's saying that unless I've worked as an editor for a publishing house, no one's going to trust me with their work. Then again, she edits text books. Not my target market.

I dunno. I go talk to our local small business organization this week, so if it's really all that silly of an idea, I'm sure I'll be told then.

Yoda doesn't go for the yarn unless it's dangling in a string, helpless and alone, cut off from the safety of the ball. He's a predator, sure, but knows his limits!