Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it Thursday again?

Seems we get one every week.

Yes, I'm a little punchy. I actually got a call back from one of the places I sent my resume to, and I will be dropping by on Monday to fill in an application. Oh, hell, maybe I'll go tomorrow, although I already had plans for my will depend on what I find when I go shopping tonight. And if I remember to print my resume out today. At least I've got the paper on the printer hopper now.

I've been busy lately. The baby blanket is (mostly) done, I just want to tuck the knots up into the stitches. I knotted the yarn, yes. The thing is going into washing machines, people, and the bamboo yarn is slicker than snot. Knots were a necessity. I started a wrap from the inestimably gifted Anne Hansen of Knitspot (link to her blog, the link to her shop is top right). I am addicted to that woman's patterns. I don't buy patterns, typically, unless they come as a feature of a book/stitchionary I buy, except for hers. And it's not like I couldn't have figured out this one (I have the stitch pattern somewhere), but I was right when I decided there would be a point of interest added to make her pattern different from just the stitch. And it was only $6. I got the yarn as part of my yarn brokering deal with my creativity teacher (I buy yarn online for him and he pays me to get my own yarn so we qualify for the free shipping bit), so I deserved to splurge a little bit. (Speaking of patterns; what is the new craze on Ravelry for knitted skirts? I mean, knit wear in general is stretchy and clingy, and what woman in America feels like she has the thighs for a skirt knit in a slouchy, clingy yarn? Or, worse yet, knit with horizontal stripes/ridges/patterning? Am I just superdeduperdy insecure, or are there others who feel the way I do?)

I got my arm warmers patterned out--which amazes me, I have no graphics skillz--and actually it only took 30 minutes to reason out the pattern repeat. Shock and awe.... Now I just have to buy needles in size 3 (I think I'm going to have to cave in and use double points to get the bastard started--I have a lot of trouble with using two circulars and/or magic loop, probably because I'm stupid and don't melt my needle cables into submission with boiling water). Or maybe I won't, I'll just deal with what I've got. I don't know, really. I'm in such a tizzy over my life in general, it's hard to think ahead more than ten minutes.

Speaking of which, I really should get off here, walk the dog and get ready for my day. I'm doing my recording stint, going shopping, going out for dinner and a movie with a friend and then getting home really, really late. And my left contact is being a beyatch, clouding up, and my new contacts aren't here yet. Grrr.

That's what I get for procrastinating!

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knitspot anne said...

thank you for the lovely comment about my patterns; i so appreciate that!
i have to add that i knit up a couple of skirts for summer a few years back and they get worn a LOT; i hate going out in shorts, but i ride my bike around town so i wear the skirts to camoflauge things and they are so breezy, i've become addicted. actually they are much cooler than shorts!