Thursday, April 30, 2009

I note a trend....

Of course, I'm always on here on Thursdays--I rarely come to the internets anymore; I'm not at the day job so I'm not bored, and I typically end up shopping, something unemployed women should not do--so I tend to make a post. Still, I hate being...predictable. I'm going to have to start shaking things up, I guess!

How's this for a shake-up: The 'You're Just Making This Sh!t Up' baby blanket is done! *sound of roaring crowd*

To whit:
The unfortunate thing about the blanket, aside from the fact that I knitted it, is that the stretchy nature of both the Caron Spa yarn and a loose garter stitch means the blanket can measure anything from 22" x 22" to 36" x 36", or even 18" x 22" x 28" x 36". It's hardly even and square, which is, I suppose, typical of just about anything I do. So screw it. It's done and I'm happy with it. The proud parents (who I think actually are parents of a physically independent child at this point; they weren't at church last Saturday) are under no obligation to accept the thing. It's rather nice and squishy, though, so if they don't take it I'll roll it over, seam the sides, stuff it and make a pillow.
Anne of Knitspot actually replied to my post last week, and after my vinaigrette was fetched and I was brought around from my fangurl swoon, I again pondered the wonder of knitted skirts. If you read her blog, you will note that Anne is (just like my sister, also named Anne, perhaps it's the name?) quite willowy. I, alas, am constructed more along the lines of the Venus of Willendorf (just not quite so boobtastic). Are knitted skirts only for the slim? I seem to recall from the dim recesses of memory (quite dim; this particular memory comes from a time when I was heavily depressed, and as any depressive will tell you, memory can be quite...hit or miss during the down times) that I owned a knitted skirt, and it was quite flattering and pleasing. I was also a good 50 pounds lighter at that point in my life, even though I thought I was a total whale; oh, how silly we can be!--so maybe....
Eh. I'm sure there's some construction trick that can be used. Stiffer yarn, perhaps, a tighter stitch. I will have to ponder.
Speaking of construction, I went walkabout to our local art museum yesterday and went absolutely giddy with glee when I realized a) they have a room dedicated to clothing and fiber arts now--leftovers from a prior exhibit, but still! and b) they've got a new piece in the modern art galleries that is quite...stimulating to my senses.
The fiber arts display consists of a short run of female clothing (from 1750-1990ish) and--the best part--a set of miniature dresses hanging on forms that you can touch and tinker with to see how the darn things go together. Praise Jesus I wasn't born in the late Victorian, that is some fiddly underwear, but I had an interesting idea for a short sweater/shrug item based on a certain set of sleeves I saw...actually, two sweater/shrugs. I love sleeves. I must take my camera back and get images for my notebook.
The new piece in the modern art wing is called "Moebis Ship", and it's a model ship made out of found items (popsicle sticks and the like) of a ship with a keel that is a Moebis strip. The sails all face inward and the piece is suspended from the ceiling with a rope, like a giant, toasty Lifesaver. I giggled when I saw it. I want one just like it, except my cats would probably make short work of pulling the rigging down.... Ah, well. Such is life!

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