Thursday, April 16, 2009


That's really about all that can be said at moment. The "You're Just Making This Sh!t Up" baby blanket is stalling. Well, not really 'stalling', but it's moving very slowly. If I'd knuckle down and knit like I mean it, it would be done today, despite all the junk I still have to get done, but I'm a wussie, so it probably won't be done until tomorrow.

In typical Me fashion, I've already got the next ten or two dozen projects lined up. There's a pair of mitts patterned after some stained glass windows I know I want to get designed and realized, the shawl I started and quit on (although it's not hard, and I could probably finish it up in less than three weeks from the point where it got left), the scarf I owe my friend for her birthday last month (a month ago yesterday, actually), the scarf I want to make for my sister's birthday in June,.... It's like, as soon as I choose a project to work on, everything else I ever thought about comes crushing into my skull, clamoring for attention. I think I need to get out of the house more.

I've also discovered that going on diets makes me crave donuts (and I don't even like donuts), so I've given up on diets at this time. I will simply have to find another way around the issue. Thankfully, this time I did not gain another 20 pounds (like the last time I tried it.) In fact, I've lost 3 pounds since quitting and have gone back to craving sensible things like bell peppers and tomatoes (mmm, tomatoes). I'm pretty sure that's the water drinking--stuff yourself with water and you can't fit the cookies in. Anyway, even if it was the diet, I can't take the anxiety it provokes. I'll have to out-think myself. Oooh, it's almost like a game of "Survivor" in my head....

The weather this weekend seems to be looking up, which is good. I typically enjoy rainy, cloudy weather, but when it's also cold it gets to be a bit of a drag. Plus, we haven't had enough bright, warm, obnoxiously sunny days for me to really enjoy the gloom (I need a balance, you see). I think I will have to take myself off to the art museum tomorrow, maybe take the dog to the park tonight between my volunteer obligation and something I promised Nieceling I would do. I need to get out, to get away with myself before I do something drastic, such as take a vacation I can't afford at this time (like, I've again been thinking about taking a long weekend in Key West so I can see the Mel Fisher museum).

It's a sickness. A sickness, I tell you!

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