Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good grief.

I hate my computer. There's some setting that constantly flips it to off network, usually after I've got a huge post already typed up and ready to submit. Sigh.

I will take a leaf from Dog's How To Release Anxiety Book:

Enjoy a calming scent.

Not pig ear for me. They smell like dead things. This does not seem to concern Dog, however. I guess he likes the smell of putrefied dead things. Hmm. Must be his scavenger nature.

In addition to many, many things I dare not write about now, for fear of the dreaded Network Cut-Off, I managed to get in a weaving lesson.

It's very springy. I wasn't sure how I would like the yellow warp (not being a yellow person myself, although in the definition of "Irony" I wore a daffodil yellow shirt to my lesson) but I find it quite appealing. I've been wearing it around for the past three days. It's comfy and warm, but doesn't feel at all noose-like or confining. I'm pleased.

Here's a close up of the colored weft (spot dyed Tussah Silk, oooh). It's much more shiny than this picture seems to show, which is a shame. It's got a nice gleam. The weave is a little...rough, dare I say "rustic", but for a first effort, it's not bad at all.

Dog consented to model for me. Doesn't he look thrilled?

In a striking turn of events, I've been invited to a second baby shower this year as myself. By 'as myself', I mean not as 'Aunt T's daughter, you know, the younger one'. This is quite unusual for me. At a time when most women are beyond the "first baby" stage, I'm getting invited to showers. I feel honored.
Also in a rather dimwitted turn of events, I've decided to knit something for the baby. I'm using Caron's Spa Yarn (acrylic/bamboo blend), which is very pretty, incredibly soft, and, on the needle I'm using, nicely squishy. I'm calling it (preliminarily) the "Now You're Just Making This Sh*t Up" blanket, mostly because I hear that all the time (usually when I'm not making it up), and I am, well, making it up as I go along. I'm about a quarter of the way done and the shower is Saturday afternoon. Good thing I'm unemployed, eh?
Here's an image of the start:
I chose the colors at random from the options offered. Since I know the baby is a boy, pastel pink and lilac didn't seem appropriate. I like the yellow, it's nice and sunny. Bamboo, as anyone who's ever bothered with it, is soft as snot, and has a nice, fresh smell (that only I seem able to smell; I'm not sure why or what it means, but I'll roll with it for now.) Anti-microbial, too, which is always handy on baby things.
In other-other news, Nieceling is getting confirmed this spring and has asked me to be her sponsor. Heh. I've warped her for sure and certain, and now I'm going to take metaphorical "responsibility" for her spiritual growth. Poor lass. And she was doing so well, up to this point....

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