Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, a day late and dollar short.

Happy Valentine's Day. Just because.

In past, I've not been wild about celebrating, being a cynical, bitter female who's never had a Valentine (hard to believe, I know, but if you time things just so, it's possible), but I finally decided to make the day my own. I send cards to my friends, Nieceling and Nephew and give myself chocolate. Or something. I was going to give myself weaving lessons this Valentine's Day, but traffic got in my way. Maybe I'll use it to justify giving myself a new outfit and shoes, instead.

I've been markedly unproductive of late. Reading, reading, reading, knitting a little, but not a lot. Sleeping, yes. Got a call from a former co-worker, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I like my former coworkers, yes, and it was good to hear from him, but it felt strange to talk about things not complaints about our mutual job. In any case, he seems far more cheerful than he ever was at work, so I suppose the forced downtime is doing him as much good as me. Maybe I'll see if he wants to get together for coffee sometime, or perhaps visit the art museum. I need the inspiration.

Tomorrow I go to check out a medical transcription school. I'm really uncertain about this. A friend turned me onto the prospect (it's what she does), and it's probably the only medical field job I could tolerate for any length of time. Since medical is the only growing employment field at the present, it's not too bad of an idea. And it's an opportunity to work for myself--set my own schedule and all. Which is quite seductive, if truth be told. I'm liking not having to punch anyone's clock aside from my own. And I'd be completely mobile--if I'm working over the internets, I can live anywhere and keep the same job. REALLY seductive!

In any case, I have been slowly cleaning junk up (my computer, primarily) and was pleasantly surprised when I took a short break to write again. It's been a while since I've had an idea, although this is an older one (a dream I'd had at one point) that initially got added to and then started, abandoned, and now I've gone back and cleaned it all up to where I first started. I've still got the other version(s), but I think I'll ignore them. I also pulled up the last story I began, which was still quite a while ago, and re-read it. I think I'll make a go at that one, too. I like to have several stories running at once, just as I read three books at a time--one to cover all moods.

Yes, I have a short attention span. Sue me.

It felt good to write again. Searching for the words, trying to paint pictures through letters alone, all of it. I really need to get myself back into the habit. If I challenge myself to write each day, even if it's only a sentence, maybe. Just maybe.

If nothing else, it's good mental hygiene.

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