Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spitting out the kool-aid

Yeah, copyright infringement and whatnot, but who from whatever major conglomerate that owns the above mentioned brand reads this dead-end blog?

Anyway, I'm using it in the pop-culture reference fashion. I have realized that, in many ways, I am the ultimate sheeple. At least I've come to see it, and recognizing you have a problem is the first step to conquering it. So, that is what 2009 is going to be about for me--leaving the fold. I will be a feral sheep! I will squish myself under the fence (I am very, very wooly) and wander into the woods, leaving fleece all around on the brambly bits and probably evading wolves and whatnot along the way--although, depending on the country, there may be no wolves to evade. Darn men and their firesticks!

Sorry, I'm freezing to death here. It's so bloody cold, and the weather keeps bouncing like a ball (warm, warm, truly tepid, freeze your arse off!! NOW, REALLY FREEZE! Sleet! Snow! hot, warm, warm, slightly warmer, warm, so cold you forget your own name, warm, etc.) that my inner ears are taking this opportunity to swell up and give me a free funhouse ride. I hate my inner ears. Seriously. When the weather changes so rapidly (we've cycled from the negatives Farenheit to the 50s and back down again in under two weeks) it's hard enough on the average body, much less someone who's suffered from vertigo once before. It seems once your inner ears know how to swell, they will do so at any provocation. I guess the trick, then, is to avoid vertigo in the first place. For me, too late. Ah, well. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it? Crank up the nasal decongestants and meclizine and sleep. Which is what I did yesterday (Friday? It happened?) Today I'm feeling better--it's a true mercy that the spells only last about a day when I head them off early--so I've been out and about and done something hellastupid.

I bought another iPod. *hangs head in shame*

Well. I hate my other iPod (not really; I just find it bloody damn inconvenient), a tiny 1 Gig Shuffle, and this one is a massive, 8 Gig Nano in royal purple, named Nanette. Yes, we did mention I've been dizzy for the past little while, didn't we? I can fit all my music thus far downloaded onto it (including my illegal library rips), and I'm not even halfway to 8 Gigs. I wonder how much room Carmina Burana and Beethoven's 9th will take up of the 4 Gs left.... And this model is a marked improvement in terms of being able to choose the music I'm listening to. The Shuffle is just that-a music shuffling device. You get whatever song the microchip decides you need to hear, which is usually fine, but last week I got to listen to the same Lisa Stansfield song repeat several times. In a row. I'm sure it's some sort of burp--maybe my Shuffle just really likes Lisa Stansfield?--but it's annoying. The Nano, as anyone who's ever seen an iPod knows, has a screen. And the little clicker wheel that's just too cool for school. And you can see the music you're playing before you play it. Hallelujia.

Of course, then I had the thought that, since I've just gone and blown $150 on a new iPod (which was totally and completely unnecessary), that I'm going to have to forgo vacations next year (I was supposed to go to London and New York at different times) and pay the dog off. I'm not sure how much more I owe, but I can do it if I buckle the hell down and just pay it off. On top of moving out this spring, it's going to be a nut buster, but a) I have no nuts to speak of, anyway, and b) if I pay it off, then I'm not paying interest and I can bank the $150 a month I pay on it so the interest on that particular chunk of debt starts working in my favor.

I hate being a grown up. I really, really do.

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