Friday, January 16, 2009

It's damn cold.

No, seriously. It's cold. Like slap yo' mamma cold. It's amazing, you know, how exhausting it can be sitting in a freezing cold house, trying to work. I feel a bit like I've done two rounds of Pilates and a half a mile on a track. Plus for some inexplicable reason, my right knee hurts. I confess I'm not the daintiest flower in the garden and my knees are notoriously crap, but they've never hurt before. This is new. And kinda sucky.

Anyway, I've come to some decisions regarding my stash.

= Obstacles Stole. I could probably figure out the pattern by looking at it, but that is cheating. And I like her designs, I feel I should honor that by paying for them. Granted, I've already bought three from her (and love them all), but still. It's a matter of being polite.

=1883 New York Times Shawl (that's a Ravelry link right there, I don't know...hold on.... Here's a picture on Flickr. Pretty.)

=Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise. I need to get it all ball'd up and get cracking. The first clue came out this, what, Tuesday? I need to swatch (to get gauge) and then do the first clue up. There's more than enough yarn there to do two (one with alternating green/yellow/green/yellow/green stripes and then yellow/green/yellow/green/yellow stripes. Yes, I'm insane.) I realized after wangsting in my last post about shine/yarns going together that they're, uh, actually sorta-kinda the exact same yarn. They're both lace weight, 70/30 alpaca/silk yarn. Ok, ok, so I'm a bit forgetful. Hey, if you had my stash, you'd forget what was on the bottom layers down there, too. It's not hard to do!

Well, I'm going to sign off now, maybe eat something, definitely get under warm blankets while watching Dirty Jobs (ooh, Mike Rowe, just what a growing girl needs...) and maybe make myself some cocoa later. Yeah, cocoa. Sounds great.
Happy knitting, y'all.

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