Monday, December 22, 2008

Sofa King Cold

OMG, how much do I hate winter? So very, very much. Today was the coldest day of the winter thus far (and we're only just officially in winter), and it was miserable.

It totally doesn't help that the heat was off at work. Last week, I got moved to a new desk, under the stairs, in the old house that serves as an office building for us. Prior to that, I did whine a lot about how cold my old desk was (and it was), but this new desk under the stairs was nice and toasty and warm on the toes--even though it sits right up against a huge window (currently swathed in plastic and a blanket provided by me), there is a heat vent right underneath it. Whenever the heat would kick on, there were a few seconds of icy air as the stuff already in the vents was pushed out before the lush, warm air would surface and be instantly sucked up by my exothermic legs. Ahhh.

So today, the heat being off was like...the betrayal of the promise. I was frozen. Cryogenic levels of frozen. So. Cold. And I'm miserable enough in sub-tropical conditions. Cold, cold, cold. I got a bit sniffy about the house in an email (well, about the cold in the house, but it's a fine enough distinction) so I'll probably get called out and fired. Then again, I always feel about six seconds from being fired even under the best of conditions, so it shouldn't be a surprise when I do.

My feet are still frozen, but I left work early to get to heat (the heat started working a bit before I left, like an hour and a half before, which wasn't enough time to make it comfortable all the way on the first floor, where I sit), and have decided to start work on a warm project I've been percolating for a while. It won't make any sense to anyone but me and maybe a couple of other people, but I feel a strange, perverse draw to knitting something archane. It'll make me giggle, if nothing else, and considering how insecure I am otherwise, that can't be a bad thing.

I'm off for some soup then some knitting. If I can find the pattern I totted up several months ago....

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