Friday, November 14, 2008

One down....

One to go. Let's hope the next is as happy as the first. Dog's first blood test came back today, it was normal. The high end of normal, but normal. I am breathing and allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic.

The sonogram on Monday is just a precaution, which I heartily agree is a good idea. I'm (as noted) cautiously optimistic that it will be a complete and total waste of money.

Let's all hope.

I'm also looking at properties, checking them out, getting a feel for the market. I've got a number to call back in middle of December if I move out in January, and there's another location that I'm going to check out that is available now (which I can't afford now--not if I've got a deposit and all), and I'm--right now--just checking out the scene. So to speak. The hard part is Dog. Well, and Cats, but I'm not talking about them right now with too many property managers.

I'm also applying to jobs at present. Even a raise of $1.50/hour would make this whole venture a lot more...relaxing. I can do it with my present salary, don't get me wrong, but it would allow me some breathing room. A yarn allowance (which I don't really need; I have got a huge stash box that's full to the brim). Or something.

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