Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've pinched a nerve in my ribcage something fierce. It's nothing new (I have a regular spasm in the muscle near this particular pinch; it might even be the muscle itself and not a nerve at all), but for some reason, today it's being particularly hateful. I can't sit for long, because it's being very pinchy-pinchy whenever I sit or stand (it goes away, however, when I lie down, which is how I know it's the muscles and not something worse--take all tension out of that spot and the pinchy-pinch, and even the tenderness, goes away). Maybe an ice pack would help.

I've also, since the pinchy-pinchy is tied into my craptacular posture, decided *sigh* that it's really time (I mean reallyreally time) to get into shape. I need to drop some tonnage and build up some core muscles and maybe then the pinchy-pinch won't be quite so hateful. And the worst part is...I have to give up sugar.

Plegh! Yuck! Ugh! *throws herself on the floor and thrashes around like a toddler on SweeTarts* I DON'T WANNA! I love my sugar! It just, it just *hiccup* doesn't love me. Don't wanna!

But. If I want to a) feel better, b) look better (ok, yeah, it's shallow, but bite me) and c) live longer, I have to do it. Frankly, I measured how much sugar I'm taking in on a daily basis in my work tea, and nearly had a coronary. Holy moley, I'm taking in over half a cup per day in tea alone. Something tells me that's just not right. I mean, yeah, I've got a sweet tooth, but sheesh. And, maybe, if I can lose some weight, I can allow myself some sweeties. Not as much as I'm getting now, but some. I've been thinking about doing a modified Sonoma Diet, which does allow you three squares of chocolate (and wine! Daily!) each week, which makes me happy and probably far more likely to actually, you know, stick to the diet. But I'm not wild about how much cooking I'd have to do (particularly in the lunch field), so I've modified it. I mean, all diets are about portion control, once you get right down to it. So I'll do Sonoma for breakfast and dinner, and use Amy's Kitchen foods for lunches. It's not really cheating; I can pronounce all the ingredients (and know where they come from) in the Amy's stuff, and it's transfat free (which is part of the whoohoo about the Sonoma Diet style) and it's organic, so it can't be all bad, even though it tastes good, which usually is a sign it's bad for you. Amy's tends to have some hefty fat totals, but again, I don't really think my problem is the fat in my diet. I'd probably drop at least ten pounds if I'd just ditch the sugar, frankly, so I'll have to see how much I need to restrain myself when it comes to calories that are attached to actual nutrients. The hardest part is going to be eating the fruit--I'm a bit paranoid about eating fruit that comes from the produce department of the grocery. You just don't know who's been touching it, yuck. Yes, I understand about soap. It doesn't help the mental ick that goes on when I think about it. For the same odd reason that Dog is exempt from my OCD fear of floor dirt (he sleeps on the floor, he lays there and relaxes there and lives there for the love of Ganesh, but I never feel he's "contaminated" and still kiss him on the lips, which, yes, is gross, but he's cute and fluffy and it's a bonding/submission gesture indicating he respects my authoritay, so stuff it), the vegetables are perfectly fine. *shrug* OCD doesn't make sense, that's why it's considered dysfunctional.

Anyway. In addition to the musing about diets and maybe even working out to break a sweat (ick again), I do have some knitting news. I got an email today that my Blue Moon Fiber Arts order shipped yesterday, huzzah! I can't wait to get it and ooh and ahh and stroke it and love it and hug it and name it George.

Sorry. It's been a week.

Anyway, I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow or Friday, as it should unless they've lost it (in which case, I will drop a brick sideways and no mistake). I will photograph it quickly and share the image, because some things are too good not to share, even if only in spirit. I've got Plans for it, actually. Bwahahahaha. I will share them when it arrives, so you've got a better visual aid.

I'm going to finish my dastardly plans for punishing myself for all the sugar I've taken in in the past year. And take out my contacts, because they're dry like a wadi in July.

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