Friday, September 5, 2008

Repetitive Knitting Injury

I've done myself up, I think, with all this knitting. The muscles in my left side, along the rib cage, under my biceps and the top of my arm are aching, pretty much constantly now. I think it's a repetitive knit injury because it really gets aggravated when I knit. What kind of out of shape am I that knitting can strain my muscles? Sheesh. But I've got one more baby bib left to do for my friend's shower tomorrow (yeah, nothing like waiting for the last minute), pinning down the ribbon and packing it all up. Actually, not all that much left to do, huzzah. Then I think I'll give myself a few days off the knitting, try to get my muscles to relax a bit. A shot of scotch would probably work admirably, but I'm trying not to make that a crutch. Oh, maybe a wee bit before bedtime....

Any. Way. I've been adding things to my "I've been a good girl and I get some pretty-pretties" mental cart lately. In addition to the stuff for my super seekrit project (which will probably be crap, knowing how I am) and needles, which will cost me about....$75, I've got my eyes on some beautiful hand-dyed silk laceweight at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Currently, the colorways that are winning the race are Faulty Dyer and Rook-y, although that is always subject to change at any given second. I like OmaDeSala, too, and Tide Pool, and, now that I ponder it, Scottish Highlands is awful nice as well. How is one to choose when all the colors are so beautiful?!?! Well, the fact that I'm buying silk will self-edit my choices; something like Chapman Springs would sear your retinas and boil the liquid in your eyeballs on silk. I mean, I'm using cobweb weight lace; on a worsted strand, you'd be arrested, and I imagine that even in the lightest weight yarn, in pattern, it would be distressing to most color-sighted persons. It's intense. But I love Rook-y, and Faulty Dyer has a rather Italian Renaissance vibe that appeals, and there's no saying that later on I can't get the occasional silken treat (particularly as they have beautiful colorways on large enough skeins for a good sized shawl for only $40, which is, like, bargain basement in silk anything) so I can be good and only get....

Oh, bugger. I'm going to have to get myself two, aren't I. So that's...$90 (after shipping), plus my $75, which is still only $165 on myself with the extra cash. Which is pretty restrained, for me.

One more week, and I will have money for myself, and can order my new 'toys', and the decision as to which colors I want will be made. Sigh. And I'll have some savings again, which makes me happy!

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